Our industry winter Series features speakers from different branches of the pharmaceutical industry and gives participants an opportunity to hear about different job options as well as ask questions about the transition process. 

The first speaker in the series was Angeli Möller, Head of Pharma International Informatics accompanied by Christian Eberle, Recruiter at Talent Acquisition at Roche.


Angeli, an alumna of the MDC, discussed her transition from a postdoc position to a career in data science in industry, her path to her current position at Roche, and the challenges that she faced.


A journey of discovery


As a researcher in her early career, Angeli found it difficult to decide which professional direction to take, a position many can empathize with. Now that she is starting her new role as Head of Pharma International Informatics as Roche, she understands that a career is a journey of discovery that never ends. This realization is part of what motivated her to present her story in the MDC Industry Winter Series.


Finding a balance


“Find your own way”


Her academic career began with a PhD funded by Cancer Research UK at the University of Edinburgh. Following this, she became a postdoc in Erich Wanker's group at the MDC, conducting research in protein folding. This opportunity allowed Angeli to continue working in a field that challenged her and to relocate to Berlin where her husband was based. A common theme throughout her career decisions has been finding the right balance between career and family.


Try new things


After her 4-year postdoc, Angeli decided to take a 10 month sabbatical to spend with her child and to retrain in data science. She was head-hunted to work with Thomson Reuters, where she accompanied data projects in translational medicine for the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This provided an opportunity to explore first-hand the professional possibilities open to her. She recommends this path to anyone who wants to go into the industry. 


“Combine remote learning with a local support community, such as data science meet-ups


Know your values


In 2016, Angeli moved to Bayer, where she worked for over four years in their informatics team in different positions. Her final role was Head of Global Data Assets, where she led an international team of 50. This role provided opportunities for her to develop further, both technically and through increased leadership responsibilities in a diverse and international setting.


“Dedicated leadership training is very important, I always keep working on this”


Balance is a key theme in  Angeli’s professional life. Throughout her career at Bayer, she also pursued opportunities outside of the company. She co-founded a policy-based company, The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH), working with government and regulatory groups on the ethical issues of artificial learning in health care. In addition, she is on the board of the charity RARE-X, supporting patients with rare diseases. To her, this is an incredibly rewarding and emotionally challenging area to work in. 


A good fit


“Always consider company culture and values”


As of January 1 2021, Angeli made her next career move to Roche as Head of Pharma International Informatics. A change that she describes as a fantastic fit for her personal development. She is now leading a team of more than 500 Informaticians in over 200 countries, working to understand what patients need on their journey from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare. 


Her choice to  move to Roche was also motivated by the company's culture and values. When deciding which positions to take and which companies to work with, Angeli recommends researching and reflecting whether  you share the same values and it is a culture that you can really thrive in. 


Thank you to Angeli Möller, Christian Eberle and all of the 120 people who attended and contributed to a great kick-off event for the Industry Winter Series! 


Find more about career opportunities at Roche on genext.roche.com.



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